Dressing Precious Gifts

Lekayoo-Christian Baby Apparel

Welcome to Lekayoo, we offer a line of Christian clothing that allows kids to share their faith without saying a word. We believe 'children are a gift from the Lord; they are reward from him(Psalm 127:3).' We are a small family business based in London. The business is ran by two brothers, Joseph (10 years old) and Isaiah (7 years old). The line is by kids for kids.

So what does Lekayoo mean? It's phonetic for the French word Caillou (Rock/pebbles) Le (the), Le Caillou 'LeKayoo'= The Rock!  It's only fitting, as God is our rock as a family, the foundation of our business and everything else we do.

Our aim is to impact lives with heart felt messages on quality and trendy pieces of clothing. Please feel free to check back on us regularly as we  continually have new designs. We welcome comments or quarries at info@lekayoo.co.uk